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Karen Martin Sampson is an award winning Canadian, (with dual citizenship as a naturalized American), artist living in Sayward, BC on Vancouver Island. Her oils and pastels have been described as "dreamlike", "flowing", and "quiet, yet powerful". Other peer commentary includes "lush colours," "expressive and beautiful portrait[s]," reminiscent of "the Mona Lisa,"  "light logic is particularly skillful," "excellent ability in...rendering," and "very strong compositional sensibility." Her paintings are "very appealing" and "purity of colour" is apparent in the portraits she paints and has resulted in many commissions of her work, which due to eyesight difficulties she is no longer accepting. This website will continue for archival purposes.

"Where I live and the surrounding landscape is filled with incredible beauty which would be an inspiration for any artist, and I am no exception. I have always felt, however, that I could not paint anything as perfect as Nature already is and have not often been tempted to paint panoramic landscapes. I am more drawn to the human face and form, and with nature and still life I prefer a close look at my subjects which allows room to breathe and the ability to concentrate on the small miracles of the material world.  Subtle changes in values, colours, and shapes juxtaposed with contrast in these elements are of equal interest to me. Cast shadows and reflected colour, the curve of a line in nature, a ribbon, or a figure, the shapes in negative spaces, and the quality of light creating atmosphere all coax the ongoing pursuit of perfection, which, although never completely achieved, makes for a fascinating journey."